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Plumbing & RPZ Valves

At SAS Water we have experienced WRAS approved plumbers with the capability to plan, apply for approval, and install RPZ Valves.

Reduced Pressure Zone assemblies – commonly known as RPZ valves – are used to keep contamination or pollution out of your water supply. They allow water to travel one-way through your system, preventing backflow. They are required to be installed where a Fluid Category four risk of water contamination occurs.

Making sure your plumbing system is installed and used in accordance with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations are a legal requirements and is vital in making sure the water supply remains safe.

All installations, commissioning and testing must be carried out in accordance with the Water Suppliers’ Approved Installation Method. The commissioning and testing of these valves must only be carried out by an accredited tester approved by WRAS. Before installing an RPZ Valve an application to, and approval from, the local water authority has to take place by the WRAS approved plumber.

These Regulations (and Byelaws in Scotland) apply in all types of premises supplied, or to be supplied with water by a water company.

They apply from the point where water enters the property’s underground pipe (usually at the stop tap at the property boundary), to where the water is used in plumbing systems, water fittings and water-using appliances.

Not all plumbers are WRAS qualified and you need to check before asking to install RPZ valves.

What are RPZ valves?
Reduced pressure zone valves are fitted into potable water systems as a backflow preventer of the mains water supplies. Without them, a lowering of water pressure could result in water flowing in the opposite direction than normal, with the potential to cause contaminated water to enter the supply. If a sudden drop in water pressure occurs; RPZ valves will dump the contaminated water, preventing it from entering the water supply.

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